Packing List for a Family Safari in Uganda

A safari to Uganda can be so interesting when travelling as a family because as parents, you do not worry about how your children are doing and there are several activities that children can engage in. There are several safari activities ideal for family travelers for example game drives, visit to Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC, in Entebbe). And when you finally make up your mind to travel as a family, you will need to be critical and make sure to plan well so that you are sorted as parents and children are also comfortable. This is a packing list for tourists travelling as a family for a safari to Uganda;

Passports and Visas

Passports and Visas are important for all tourists visiting Uganda except those from Visa exempt countries. This is a pass into Uganda or Rwanda for any activity.

Inoculation certificate against yellow fever.

This is also a must have for all tourists visiting Uganda for any kind of safari.


The following are the recommended clothes for the Adult;

Long sleeved shirts (at least 2). These are very handy when engaging in activities such as gorilla trekking, nature walks and bird watching. These help to protect the arms from safari ants and other insects. The long sleeved shirts are also important to cover your skin against being damaged by the sunshine.

Long trousers/safari pants (at least 2 pairs). Most tourist activities within Uganda require tourists to wear long trousers. Long trousers also protect the legs from unpleasant insects that you might encounter within Uganda’s National Parks.

One pair of shorts. This is important for relaxing or unwinding around the Safari Lodges or during game drives within the Savannah National parks.

Short sleeved shirts (at least 2). Short sleeved shirts are handy for relaxation or for game drives which are conducted with a vehicle hence does not affect to wear shorts

Hiking boots. These are very important if travelling for nature walks, chimpanzee tracking, gorilla tracking, bird watching and Mountain climbing/hiking.

Open shoes/flip flops

Open shoes are very important for activities like picnics, game drives or for relaxing after some of the tourist activities.

Cotton Underwear

At least 3 pairs are recommended but also depend on the number of days you are in Uganda for a safari.

Pajamas preferably long sleeved cotton shirts and pants because temperatures tend to be low within most of Uganda’s National parks.  

Bras (for women)

This is one of the most essential things any lady will need whether you are going on a safari of not

Long socks (at least 2 pairs)

Long socks are recommended for any kind of safari. When going to nature walks, chimpanzee tracking or gorilla trekking, it is important to wear long socks and tuck the trousers into the socks to avoid insects from entering your trousers.

Rain jacket

A rain jacket is important if you are going on a gorilla trekking safari, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing or nature walks because most areas where these activities are conducted experience rain almost throughput the year.

Sweater for colder nights and mornings and a Swimsuit because most mid-range and luxury safari Lodges within Ugandan National parks have swimming pools where tourists can relax from.


If you are travelling with children, you will need to pack

At least one pair of shorts, long sleeved shirts, Long trousers, Short sleeved shirts, Flip flops, Long socks, closed toe shoes, Underwear, Swimsuit, Sweaters for cold mornings and evenings among others.


Do not make a mistake to travel to Uganda for a Safari without medicine such as Neosporin, anti-malarial drugs, anti-diarrheal drugs, allergy medication, Ibuprofen, Cipro and other painkillers for both children and adults, and antibiotics.


Toiletries are also a must-pack for a family safari to Uganda, and they include hair accessories for girls, lotions, hair brushes, sanitary pads, hand sanitizers and wet wipes, laundry detergents, bathing soap, conditioners, Toilet paper, tooth brush and tooth paste for both adults and children, baby wipes and other standard toiletries for adults and children.

Waterproof Hats and Sun Glasses

The hats and sunglasses help to protect your heads and eyes from the strong Tropical sunshine within Uganda. The hats are also very important during the unexpected rainy days.

Waterproof Backpacks

The backpacks are important to carry the cameras, binoculars and even packed lunch/snacks during the safari

Insect Repellant

This is important to protect against safari ants, mosquitoes within moist savannah National Parks and tsetse flies among others.

Camera and Lenses are important to capture all the exciting moments during the safari. Other Gadgets such as iPods, power banks, and binoculars are also important to complement the safari.

In conclusion, planning for a family safari to Uganda or Rwanda is more challenging than planning a safari that involves one person but that doesn’t mean that the children have to be left out because with the list, your family safari is made easier.

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