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Uganda is a popular backpacking destination in Africa that is cheap and easy to travel around with lots of amazing activities, hiking, wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, White water Rafting, mountain climbing, bird watching, camping tours and much more.


Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife in Uganda

After having a good time in the lovely calm city of Kampala, find yourself a peaceful spot in the remote area in one of Uganda’s most visited National parks of Bwindi forest, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Kibale forest, Lake Mburo and others. These beautiful parks are naturally conserved and offer a peaceful wilderness experience all day and all night long. Nights here are fantastic gazing at candle lights and admiring stars in the skies. Campfires bring you close to friends and family celebrating a particular cause giving you a reason to cherish Africa holidays.

Mountain gorillas are another pleasant surprise Uganda offers when you take a walk into the jungle forest of Bwindi national Park and Mgahinga national Park.What a rare exciting wildlife encounter Uganda has. From other parks the Big five and other wildlife make every morning great with lots of wildlife to enjoy in the savanna plains. Chimpanzees are also other impressive primate species that should be on your trip itinerary during your travel to Uganda. Elephants, Lions, leopards, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Bushbucks, warthogs, kobs, birds, are must see on any Uganda wildlife safari. On the road to Kibale forest and Queen Elizabeth, remember to watch out for baboons that wave goodbye to all park guests.

Mountain Climbing in Uganda

If you looking for hikes to challenge your fitness, heading out on a Uganda mountain climbing safari to mountain Rwenzori national park or Elgon national park will be simply the best thing to do during your stay in Uganda. The grantee here is that you will hike the most challenging mountains in Africa and if lucky you will make it to the peak of Magherita. While on top, a lot can surprise your eyes especially the impressive landscape, skies.



Apart from the obvious points of interest, such as Lake Victoria, the River Nile, game safaris and mountain gorillas, there are plenty of other things to see and do. Kasubi Tombs – Kampala

From the Buganda Kings burial site at Kasubi Tombs, to the Uganda museum, as well as various activities which you can find out about using the ‘Activities’ option in the menu to the left. Don’t forget about the lakes and national parks which are home to many wonderful natural features.

Chimpanzee Trekking

The chimpanzee is one of man’s closest relatives; in fact they are more closely related to man than to gorillas. Watching them interact with each other there are obvious resemblances. They may appear cute, especially the young ones, but they are immensely strong.

Fishing – from the expanse that is Lake Victoria, to the bubbling cauldron of the River Nile at the foot of Murchison Falls…

Gorilla Trekking – Uganda is home to some of the few remaining habitats for mountain gorillas…

Mountain Climbing – the Rwenzori Mountains join Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya as the only permanently snow-capped mountains in Africa…

Safari – if you love safari, but find the traditional hotspots too crowded, then Uganda is for you…

White Water Rafting – how many people can say they’ve ridden the white water of the world’s longest river?

Bird Watching – there are over 1000 species of birds in Uganda – over half the total species found in the whole of Africa…

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