Tour Operators

There are many tour operators in Uganda that conduct organized tours to different national parks and wildlife reserves in Uganda.  Apart from organising fully inclusive tour operators some tour operators help with offering other travel services such as booking hotels, safari lodges, gorilla permits, booking park passes etc.

Even if you are looking for a special interest holiday in Uganda, there  are many tour operators that provide these particular type of
services that would generally meet your needs, but there could be many  differences in the quality and extent of the service provided.

And we  could not find any place where such list is given and particularly  reviews or experiences about the tour operators are given. Therefore, it is our effort to list a few tour operators
here in the alphabetical order.

Please note that we do not have any kind of affiliation with any of them, and we do not charge any money to list any of them

  • General Travel
  • Gorilla Tour Operators
  • Mountaineering Companies
  • Rafting and Adrenaline Adventures

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