Combining Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Wildlife safaris in Uganda.

The country is renowned for her abundant wildlife, with landscapes which range from savannah to lush forests and over 300 mammal species and more than 1,000 bird species. Bwindi and Mgahinga  National parks is a place where we can find Mountain Gorillas while Kibale Forest is  the best place to track Chimpanzees whilst. Queen Elizabeth National park is a home to hippos, elephant, buffalo, leopards and elusive tree-climbing lion as well as a huge variety of birds.

Vaccinations and visa

All tourists require a visa to Uganda and the cost of a visa is currently UD 50, including a second visa if required. You should bring a US D 50 note dated 2004 or later for the visa as the immigration offices may not be able to give change. A yellow fever vaccination is necessary and you must bring a valid certificate vaccination. The most recommended vaccinations are polio, Tetanus, Diptheria, Typhoid and Hepatitis. Malaria prophylaxis is very essential and it is recommended that you seek advice for your travel health. Bilhazia is well known to occur in some of the lakes or rivers thus you are advised to take advice from your guide or lead locally before venturing for a swim.

Eating and drinking

During these safaris, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included on your menu. The service can either be ala carte or buffet, depending on the lodge. For early game drives, maximize the time you spend in the park. The food provided is a mix of good local and international food throughout. The country has the availability of specialized dishes.

Weather and seasonality

Wet areas are concentrated alongside the shores of Lake Victoria and the western mountain districts.  Though rains are normally more frequent during the two rainy seasons, they occur in April- May and October to November with wet spells can occur also during season. You should come well prepared for this. The country’s security is stable thus it can be visited during any time as most of the country’s weather is pleasant.  Temperatures are usually cooler at night and this depends more on the altitude than on the actual area of the country. The highest altitude at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park is approximately 1450 meter with daily temperatures ranging from 7 to 20 degrees.

Your holiday style

It is a busy and active trip with some early starts which explodes as much as we can. Some drives are long, sometimes on bad roads however most tour companies use comfortable safari vehicles. The fantastic scenery makes time on the drives. The nature walks are usually last 1-2 hours, whereas chimpanzee and gorilla trekking safaris can last up to 6 hours through thick forest and often outside the marked path. Usually Gorilla treks vary in length depending on where they are so it could be very short or quite long. It is quite challenging thus you need to be a very confident walker and have a sturdy footwear.

Booking conditions for these trips

Most tour companies are preferred booking in advance to enable them secure permits. A non refundable fee is should be paid.

Potential advice to travelers.

Potential tourists to Uganda are advised that they will be driven on a long car drive on arrival at Entebbe. There is a lot of driving through the holiday although scenery is amazing and some of the miles covered where as safari drive.

The most inspiration moment of your trip.

There is no special moment as being so close to gorillas and seeing a pair of shoebill storks rise out of the marsh yards from you.

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