Nature Walks in Uganda

Uganda is endowed with different natural forests and national parks where activities like nature walks can be done.Nature walks are more active ways to explore and appreciate nature, the landscapes and wildlife in national parks and forests. If you are looking to a Uganda safari that features nature trekking, here are the best places where you can enjoy nature walks.

Mabira forest

Mabira Forest is 54km from Kampala and 20km from Jinja.  Mabira Forest can be discovered via extensive trails. For the adventures and vigorous people, there is  around 25km bike trail that links the forest to the nearby sugar and tea plantations. Several activities are carried out in the forest and these include; Forest/nature walks, birding, cycle trails, mountain biking, or even relaxing and have a picnic lunch at the forest Centre.

Budongo forest

Budongo Forest is approximately 3-4 hours drive on the way to Murchison falls National Park. It is the biggest forest reserve where you can walk below older mahogany and iron forest trees. Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro Ecotourism site are the major tourist sites within Budongo Forest Reserve.  Chimpanzee tracking is the most famous activity. You can also see many forest birds including the white-higher hornbill and puvel’s illadopsis on Masindi Para.

Busingiro Ecotourism Site

The most important activity carried out in Busingiro Ecotourism site is Chimpanzee tracking and birding which is carried out at Royal Mile located 14kms from the Busingiro Eco tourism site.These can be accompanied by nature walks.

Mpanga Forest Reserve

It is located 37 kilometers west from Kampala along the Masaka road. It is a beautiful forest which has been conserved as a scientific research Centre. Through the trails visitors can view the abundant bird species, butterflies, monkeys and above all flora.

National parks include:

Murchison national park where nature walks can be accompanied by many other activities such as birding, hiking, game drives, launch cruise, spot fishing, cultural encounters among others.

Mountain elgon where through nature walks one clearly views of sipi falls, the walls of death and the African sunrise across the karamoja plains.

Kidepo valley national park where nature walks can be done around apoka camp. Here visitors are able to view different species of animals like elephants bulbul, zebras, and the reedbucks.

Nature walks at the eastern kakine circuit, visitors can see animals at a close range.nature walks can also be done along rionomoe trail where one can easily see the lower side of the narus valley.

Kibale national park nature walk is also an exploration of diverse habitants providing a close range contact with nature. One can view the naked Adam and Eve tree.

Queen Elizabeth national park also offers nature walks and locations include the maramagambo forest, mweya peninsula with scenic views of the ishasha river, where you can spot a variety of forest and savanna species as well as having an opportunity to view hippos at a close range.

Rwenzori mountains national park has trees in the park which allows visitors have a close interaction with nature.

Semililki national park has a13kilometre kirumia trail which runs through the heart of the forest to the Semiliki River. This trail is perfect for birders as they have an opportunity of viewing a variety of bird species.

Bwindi impenetrable forest has trails like the munyanga river trail the valley of buhoma which is ideal for bird watching and viewing primates. There is a water fall that leads through one of the most pristine tracts of rain forest passing beneath tree ferns, epiphytic ferns and orchids.

Rushara hill trail provides views across the plains of the western rift valley and in the north, Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains.

-Muzabajiro loop trail climbs to the summit of rukubira hill for fantastic views of bwindi forest and the western rift valley and the virunga volcanoesRiver lvi trail follows an old road through beautiful forest emerging near nkurungo on the southern edge of the forest. This is another bird haven for bird watchers.

In Mgahinga gorilla national park, nature walks give chance to visitors to spot forest birds, the rugezi swamp, the wild vegetation, bamboo forests and glorious views of the surrounding lakes and agricultural villages.

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