Best 5 National Parks for Safaris in Uganda

There is nothing exciting like a safari in Uganda .Morning are a little chilly before sunrise reaches to warm up the day and make it fantastic for every tour adventure. If you in the parks, wild creature sounds wake you up in the morning and still create a relaxing natural environment for enough leisure rest at night. Besides, amazing moments don’t seem to cease since each morning brings new things that you never expected.

Deciding on best Uganda parks can be difficult because all parks are unique in several ways even those offering similar tour adventures like Queen Elizabeth & Murchison falls, Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national Park. Truly all Uganda national parks are fantastic for family holidays, romance, group holidays, sole tours and much more. Today am looking at the five best safari parks in Uganda that can never frustrate.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

A place where incredible wildlife meets and roams in the savanna plains including tree climbing lions of ishasha. Do you want to experience greatest wildlife viewing, birding and chimpanzee trekking? Queen Elizabeth national park is a place to be with fantastic game in Kasenyi area & ishasha plains. Birding on the Kazinga channel and chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest reserve are other park tour adventures that tourists enjoy. A boat ride to the hippo and crocodile land will amuse you ending a day with smiles and memories. In particular, it is one of the great wildlife parks in Uganda.

Kibale forest National Park

Here come kibale forest the primate play ground and a place to see over 13 primate species including baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees the closest human relative in homes and behavior. Chimpanzee trekking and habituation are the main park activity and best for those looking at exploring the chimpanzee home. The forest is one of the most populated primate parks in Africa and fine for all kinds of chimpanzee safaris, birding and nature walks. Get a remarkable chimpanzee viewing experience together with a visit to heritage sites like Amabere ga`Nyina Mwiru caves a, Nakayima tree, Bigodi wetlands and the Crater Lake field.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Enjoy the wealthiest adventure in the pearl of Africa by tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest especially now when gorilla permits are still affordable. This trip to the land of gorillas is intimate because there is a lot to see and experience in the well conserved jungle forest. Trust me the mountain gorilla encounter will stick in your memory for life since it’s a rare primate viewing experience found in only Uganda, Rwanda and Congo-DRC. Many visit Uganda just to see gorillas despite the presence of many great attractions across the country.

Lake Mburo National Park

This is the nearest wildlife park for tourists from Kampala or Entebbe even to those with limited time in the country. Find this park in Mbarara town another town worth exploring while in Uganda due to its rich culture and wildlife. A trip to Lake Mburo will not only expose you to impressive wildlife, birds, and mammals but also to Igongo cultural museum a place where past meets the present.

Mgahinga National Park

Known as the second gorilla trekking destination, Mgahinga national park in Uganda is exceptional by its mountain gorillas, volcanoes and golden monkeys. This natural wonder lies in south western Uganda bordering Rwanda and Virunga national park. Highlights of the park include trekking mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, hiking the lovely volcanoes and digging deep into the Batwa people of the forest. This is the best destination for travelers seeking to track gorillas, hike the volcanoes and also see the golden monkeys.

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