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Entebbe is located on the shore of Lake Victoria, less than an hour’s drive from the capital, Kampala. It gives its name to Uganda’s main international airport, which is located nearby. Of interest in Entebbe is the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (formally Entebbe Zoo), and the Botanical Gardens. There is plenty of accommodation available to suit all budgets.

Fort Portal

Fort Portal is found in the west of Uganda, close to the border with DR Congo. It was named after Sir Gerald Portal, who was a British Special Commissioner. His statue can still be found in the town. It is close to the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Widely believed to be one of the most attractive towns in Uganda, Fort Portal is the capital of the Toro kingdom. The fort itself is now the town’s golf club.

Using Fort Portal as a base, you are within reach of the town of Mityana, which is the starting point for the tea growing area. Not much further is Lake Wamala, a 20 minute walk from Naama.


Source of the River Nile

Located in the south-east of Uganda, Jinja is on the shore of Lake Victoria, near the source of the River Nile. It is the capital of the Busoga Kingdom. The first European to discover the source of the River Nile was John Hanning Speke.


Kabale, located in south-western Uganda, is the principal town of Kabale District. The majority of the population is of the Bakiga tribe. It is on the main transport route to the border with Rwanda and also DR Congo.

It is commonly used as a resting point for visitors to Lake Bunyonyi and also for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Also nearby are the Ihamba Hot Springs.


Kampala is the capital and best known of Uganda’s towns and cities. It is served by an international airport some 30-40 minutes away at Entebbe. There are well over 1 million inhabitants. It was originally a hunting ground for Mutesa I, the king (Kabaka) of Buganda. When the British arrived, they called the area “the hills of the Impala” (Impala is a type of antelope) which, when translated to Luganda is “Kasozi ka Impala”. Over time this shortened to Kampala. The city actually spreads over 7 hills, from which can be had some commanding views.


Kasese is the principal town of the Kasese district in western Uganda, just north of Lake George. It is also near the Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Masaka is the principal town of the Masaka district. It lies near the north-west shore of Lake Victoria, south-west of the capital Kampala.


Mbale is the main town of the Mbale district in south-east Uganda, near Mount Elgon. It is famous for being home to the Islamic University of Uganda. A recent claim to fame was being the setting for a scene in the recent James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’. The actual shooting did not take place in Mbale however.


Mbarara is the principal town of the Mbarara district in south-west Uganda. It is near to Lake Mburo National Park, and a popular stopover en-route to the 2 gorilla trekking destinations, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

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