Affordable Uganda & Rwanda Gorillas Safaris

For that added natural touch of wildlife experience, Uganda & Rwanda gorilla safaris are the most exciting gorilla trekking adventures worldwide and a reason for many Africa vacation holidays today. Enjoy a memorable stay with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park of Rwanda and Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park in Uganda. Its true life changing experience whether you tracking gorillas once or twice in both Uganda and Rwanda, get set to return home with grand memories from the land of mountain gorillas in Africa. Despite the cost of gorilla trekking permits for Rwanda at $750 and Uganda at $600, there are many quality affordable Uganda & Rwanda gorilla safaris run by a number of tour operators that will guide you and turn you gorilla trekking dream into memories. You only need one day for a Rwanda gorilla safari and three days for a Uganda gorilla trekking tour with relaxing time to transfer from airport, hotel and Gorilla Park. However, if you trekking gorillas twice, you only need a minimum of 3-4 days though somehow transfer times affect the number of trip days.

Discounted Gorilla Permits and Tours

Did you know you can book quality affordable gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda by either trekking mountain gorillas in April, May and November the famed months for discounted gorilla tours and permits or focus on short Rwanda gorilla treks and save big on transport and accommodation?.The two countries are known best gorilla trekking holiday destinations but cheap in different ways. Besides you can decide to join a group or backpack and save a dollar on every minute of your stay as you make your dream come true. Buy a gorilla permit for less than $600 dollars and get discounts on accommodation and meals for less than $50 by spending a night in comfortable gorilla trekking campsite or budget lodge in Bwindi forest National Park. How about staying in Kigali city Rwanda capital and transfer early morning to volcanoes national park for your Rwanda gorilla trek returning in the afternoon for departure and leave home happy and excited with ever lasting memories that many get after a long hassle.

Gorilla trekking Transportation and accommodation

Logic of trekking gorillas on budget is to travel with friends, or family and share costs for transport and also share accommodation costs by sleeping in a twin or family cottage and share the cost during the trek. If all your friends seem busy and not interested, there are many other travel friends you getting touch with online and make the travel dream come true. However, different tour operators in Uganda and Rwanda arrange and, market group tours every day so if you lucky you will find other members already booked in. Alternatively you can request a group tour price for around three people and encourage your friends to join hence cutting costs in all angles. However consider using simple safari vehicles and less expensive accommodations. There are many hospitable cheap budget gorilla trekking lodges and campsites overlooking the gorilla jungle forest and in a close distance to the morning gorilla briefing point. Don’t just yearn for an exciting unforgettable gorilla trekking holiday thinking it’s too expensive yet you can explore it just like any other destination you have ever visited. Book quite early and enjoy the truly splendid wildlife silverback encounter in the comfort of armed park ranger guides that protect and guide you to where and from the mountain gorilla locations.

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